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About this Website

When this website was handed to me, I figured it would be just a matter of updating the meeting list. As time went on, I heard more about the printed list was different from the list on the web. The list on this website is about 200 meetings long. Each meeting has its own day, time, city, meeting name, information, location and type. In html, keeping up with the updates, inserts and deletes became tricky and time consuming. Since I have done database work, I decided to put the meeting list into a database that can be filtered so one can find the meetings by day, time, town, with any of the previous, or all of the previous criteria. Now the meeting list is in a database and is available for download. Look at the bottom of the page for the download button. The one who put this site together has done a good job, but technology is changing. The tools have changed and the devices people use have changed. This website is on the list for a rewrite. The demands for the meeting list caught my attention, especially when the one in charge of keeping the list up to date, mentioned that the list helped her to find meetings when she was first getting started. Another thing that caught my attention was when I received and email from the hotline chair about meeting that no longer exists.

What about visiters from out of state coming in for a visit? What about parent organizations wanting to be updated? The framework for the code is now on GitHub. Hopefully other groups can use this work to update and share list with other groups. This is a work in process.

News letters, minutes, financials, and events are updated as well. A little encouragement goes a long ways.